Application of single stroke honing process in connecting rod production

22 April 2022
The size and shape precision of big hole and small hole of connecting rod are greatly improved after the honing technology is adopted in the production of connecting rod. At the same time, the relative position accuracy of the two holes is improved. Honing process can fully guarantee the product requirements, its Cm value is greater than 1.33, its stability control ability can also be guaranteed. 
Since the reaming and honing process is adopted, the correction rate of the parallelism and crossover degree of the connecting rod is reduced from 90% to the present 1-5%, which effectively solves the problem of the overtolerance of the parallelism of the connecting rod.
Diamond and boron nitride (CBN) are commonly used as materials for honing. The characteristics of these two materials ensure the improvement of honing quality and efficiency, its characteristics are as follows:
1. Long life ensures complete automation; 
2. Good dimensional stability can obtain excellent geometric accuracy; 
3. Large amount of grinding can be used, honing can replace fine boring.
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