Reasons and solutions for fracture of PCD notching tools

29 April 2022
When machining rolls, the grooving tool sometimes breaks, which is generally due to the following reasons:
Reason1.The tool holder and tool head are not well matched, the accuracy is not reached, and the tool is twisted during processing, resulting in tool fracture. 
Reason2.The strength of the tool holder is not enough, and the alloy matrix of the PCD notching tools is too thin, so the strength and toughness are not enough, leading to fracture in the process of use.
Reason3.Unconventional fracture, for example, the positioning surface of the roller knife is not round, or there is a violent processing when processing.
For these reasons, we propose the following solutions:
Solution1.Control the precision of tool holder and tool head, pay attention to step by step when processing
Solution2.Enhance the strength of the tool and increase the thickness of the alloy matrix. If the customer has certain requirements for thickness, you can make the diamond part as thin as possible, the alloy matrix thicker to enhance the strength of the tool.
Solution3.The circular arc of the positioning surface of the PCD notching tools should be rounded. Not violent processing, should step by step.


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