Solid CBN Processing car brake discs

04 November 2022

The brake disc is generally made of gray cast iron (HT200~300), and some alloy elements (such as Cr, etc.) are added to improve the casting performance.


In the past, the coating carbide blade and ceramic blade were commonly used in the processing of brake discs, and now the whole CBN blade is basically used.


For example:

a large brake disc manufacturer adopts solid CBN CNMN120712 to dry finish the outer circle of the brake disc, and the cutting parameters are Vc=600~800m/min, ap=0.15~0.3mm, F=0.2~0.3mm/r. 
Compared with the original coated carbide blade, the tool durability is increased by 5 times, and the machining efficiency is also increased by more than 2 times.
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