PCD/CBN inserts for turning hip joints

24 August 2022
An artificial hip joint replaces the joint between the thigh and pelvis. It consists of three main parts: the femoral stem, the femoral head, and the acetabulum.
Hip implants are typically made from cobalt-chromium alloys (such as ASTM F1537), titanium alloys (such as Ti6Al4V ELI), or medical-grade stainless steel (316LVM).
There are milling cutters, drills and high-precision reamers used in the machining process, and standard PCD/CBN inserts.
The inner and outer surfaces of revolution of the parts, including inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, and spherical surfaces, can be turned by turning. It is most suitable for cutting titanium alloy and heat-resistant alloy materials, and the machined surface quality is high.
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