Application of single crystal diamond

17 December 2021

CVD has high hardness, good wear resistance, High strength , high elastic modulus, good thermal conductivity, low friction coefficient, good compressive resistance and excellent corrosion resistance and chemical stability, precision and ultra precision cutting tool material requirements of its high hardness and good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical stability can ensure a long life for cutting tools, cutting, which can remain for a long time and can reduce because of tool wear parts degree of influence. Its high thermal conductivity can reduce the cutting temperature and thermal deformation of parts.


1. CVD for ultra-precision machining tool
The most important application of single crystal diamond in the field of machinery is as a precision ultra-precision cutting tool, such as optical surface ultra-precision machining.

2. CVD for semiconductor microelectronic substrate
Unlike polycrystalline diamond materials, monocrystalline diamond materials do not have a large number of grain boundaries and defects, and their lattice structure is very similar to the existing monocrystalline silicon, but their electrical properties are much better than monocrystalline cinnamon materials.

3. CVD for optical element
Diamond material has excellent optical properties. Among existing materials, it has the widest spectral band (low absorption rate from ultraviolet to far-infrared and millimeter wave microwave), coupled with its high hardness, high thermal conductivity, chemical inertia and extremely low thermal expansion coefficient, making it an excellent material for optical elements.

4. CVD for sensor
All of the extreme properties of diamond, especially its hardness, wear resistance and chemical inertness, can be applied to sensors. Diamond is more sensitive to a wider range of impurities in water, making sensors superior to those made from other materials.
5. CVD high performance structural parts
Drawing dies and jet pipes have similar requirements to cutting tools and are now widely used products. The most important bearings in aerospace are made of diamond material, which can maintain high accuracy over long inches in harsh conditions without lubrication. Also used in scalpel, protective forging film, pressing head.



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