Application of CVD tools in the semiconductor industry - processing 6061 aluminum parts

05 August 2023
Recently, an American customer asked us about single crystal cutting tools for processing 6061 aluminum used in the semiconductor industry.
Since the semiconductor industry is a relatively precise industry, the requirements for tool precision are very high.
This customer has relatively high requirements on the parallelism between the side edge and the tool holder of the single crystal tool, and the verticality between the side edge and the bottom edge of the single crystal tool.
Moreover, the single-crystal diamond raw material used in this single-crystal tool is also very large, so the materials used are relatively expensive and the processing is difficult.
The picture shows a picture of the customer's workpiece, and the blue part is the part that the customer needs to process.
cvd tool drawing
This is the cutting tool drawing designed by our company for customers according to customer requirements.
The American customer did not give us specific size requirements at the beginning. This drawing is an original design drawing for the customer after we understand the customer's needs in detail and confirm the processing of the workpiece.
This CVD tool drawing has been changed four times before and after the details, and finally satisfied the customer and confirmed the drawing.
Our serious and rigorous attitude has also been recognized by customers, who decided to place a test order.
cvd tool
The picture above is the physical picture of the finished product made by CVD tools. At present, our products have been sent to the United States to wait for customers to test.
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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