Case - Honing Reamer Processing Hydraulic Valve

05 August 2023
What are Hydraulic Valves?
The hydraulic valve is an automatic component operated by pressure oil.
It is controlled by the pressure oil of the pressure distribution valve. It is usually used in combination with the electromagnetic pressure distribution valve.
It can be used to remotely control the on-off of the oil, gas, and water pipeline system of the hydropower station. Commonly used in clamping, control, lubrication, and other oil circuits.
There are direct-acting types and pilot types.
Hydraulic Valves
honing reamer
Honing reamer for hydraulic valve
Size:9.95-10mm and 18.95-18mm
Workpiece name: hydraulic valve
Hole depth: 100mm
Workpiece material: Cast iron and C45 steel
Hardness: HB135-180 
Surface roughing before honing: Ra1.2
Surface finish request: 0.4-0.8
Tolerance: 0.002
Roundness: 0.001
Cylindricity: 0.002
Honing Reamer Drawing
The single-stroke honing tool is also known as a single-pass honing tool that incorporates a super abrasive sleeve mounted on a tapered mandrel for precision bore sizing and finishing.
Each individual piece of this diamond tool is designed to be matched with corresponding honing machines.
Electroplated and sintered diamond honing tools are divided into adjustable fixed honing tools and adjustable floating honing tools. The honing machine is a one-piece electroplated and sintered diamond tool with a single up-and-down stroke to grind away the excess.
Processing materials: mild steel, hardened steel, cast iron, copper, carbide, ceramics, glass, etc
Honing reamer
Honing products are mainly divided into three categories: honing headhoning stone, and honing rod.
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Honing products are mainly used in cylinder blocks of automobile engines, tractors, motorcycles, air conditioning compressors, hydraulic cylinders, super-finished bearing rings, bearings, connecting rods, etc. It with high machining precision, high cutting efficiency, and good surface quality.
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