Customer case - Honing Automobile Steering Knuckle Fork

15 December 2022
Processing workpiece: Automobile Steering Gear Knuckle Fork
Automobile Steering Gear Knuckle ForkAutomobile Steering Gear Knuckle Fork
Automobile steering gear is the most important part in automobile steering system.
Its function is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and change the direction of force transmission.
Honing tool (black push piece and rod are used together)
MORESUPERHARD adheres to the brand concept of "MORE THAN GRIDING", insists on a professional and serious attitude, becomes a leader in the superhard tool solution industry, and is the first choice for customers from different countries!
Honing ToolsHoning Tools
Advantages of MORESUPERHARD Honing tools:
●Use the high quality of diamond and CBN abrasives from Diamond Innovation.
●Standard Grit Size from D251,D213,D181,D151,D126,D107,D91,D76, D64,D54,D46,D35,D20,D15
●We provide super abrasive diamond and CBN honing stone for honing machines of almost all renowned honing brands. (Sunnen, Nagel, Belden, AccuCut, Engis, and other types of high-production honing equipment).
●Our diamond and CBN honing stones are available for precision bore finishing.
We provide customers with matching aluminum alloy connectors
The aluminum connector is installed directly onto the honing machine spindle. The honing rod needs to be plugged into the connector.
aluminum alloy connectors
Processing Effect:
Processing allowance 0.03-0.05mm
It can process 3000-3500 workpieces
CBN Honing Tools
Moresuperhard is fully developing the international market.
We adhere to the service concept of creating value beyond the contract for customers with standardized, professional, and "tailor-made" services.


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