Natural Diamond Turning Tool for Processing Optical Dies

06 January 2023
Application industry range
It is used in the mold core industry processing, suitable for the processing of various optical lens mold core molds, and Fresnel lens mold processing, such as mobile phone cameras, security cameras, etc.
Mainly use imaging die-like cutting tools and non-imaging die-like cutting tools.
Imaging mold cores place very high demands on cutting tools.
Imaging mold
1. Mobile phone camera mold core: the R angle of the tool is 0.03-0.05mm (workpiece material: electrolytic nickel)
2. Vehicle-mounted camera, TV mold core: the R angle of the tool is 0.05-0.1mm (workpiece material: electrolytic nickel, oxygen-free copper)
3. AR/VR glasses: The R angle of the tool is 0.1-0.5mm (workpiece material: electrolytic nickel, oxygen-free copper)
Non-imaging molds
1. Mobile phone flash: tool R angle size is 0.01-0.02 (workpiece material: nickel)
2. Fresnel mold (processing material: copper, nickel)
3. Printing mold (processing material: copper, nickel)
Non-imaging mold cores
Applicable lathe
The lathe suitable for the optical mold core diamond turning tool is an ultra-precision single-point diamond lathe. This machine tool can process various optical components and various reflectors of laser optical system with high precision. A high form accuracy and very small surface roughness values are achieved.

Parameter customization

R Angle


Rake angle

Relief angle


Included angle



Product Details
Blade material: single crystal diamond
Tool body material: hard alloy
Applicable lathe: ultra-precision diamond single-point lathe
Extremely high hardness and strong wear resistance ensure a long service life for the knife
Extremely sharp cutting edges for ultra-thin cut thicknesses
Under a high-power microscope, the cutting edge is smooth and defect-free, and an ultra-smooth mirror surface can be processed
ND tools
Precautions for use
Tool specification selection
1. Select matching tool parameters for processed products
2. Select the tool holder size according to the tool clamping
Tool selection
1. It is recommended to use the R0.05 tool for processing mobile phone molds
2. It is recommended to use the R0.01 tool for car screen and TV mold core
3. It is recommended to use R0.01/0.02 tool for the mold core of the flash lamp
Tool clamping and wiping
1. When the tool is clamped, handle it with care, and the tool head cannot make contact
2. When wiping the cutter head, wipe it with a clean foam stick dipped in industrial alcohol
3. Put the tool back into the toolbox after disassembly. Do not take out the tool and place it alone to avoid damaging the tool head


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