Case—PCD cutting tool machining piston outer circle and piston head

19 July 2023
Recently, we received an inquiry from a customer from India who needed PCD Notching tools for machining the piston outer circle and piston head.
After one-on-one communication between Moresuperhard's professional engineers and customers, we got the following information:
Specifications: 28*8*5*R0.8
Processing material: aluminum
At the same time, the customer provided sketch drawings and product pictures:
sketch drawings
PCD Cutting Tools
Based on the information, we have made clearer CAD drawings and product pictures for customers:
CAD drawing
PCD Boring Tools
After a series of communication, the customer was very satisfied with our customized service and praised our drawings for being perfect, and made a preliminary cooperation with us.
The following are our customized trial order products for customers:
PCD Cutting Tools
Piston Head: It is the uppermost part of the piston. Due to the combustion of the fuel, it is subjected to high pressure and high temperature.
Piston Types:
According to a piston head or Crown design:
Flat, Dome type, Concave type, and Irregular head type Piston.
According to skirt design:
Solid skirt, Split skirt, Slotted, or Constant clearance piston.
On the basis of shape and application:
Slipper type, Steel inserted, Steel belted, Cam Ground, Alfinz type, and Heat type piston.
Piston Head
According to Piston Head:
Flat type: In this, the shape of the piston head is flat.
Dome type: In this, the middle part of the head is raised.
Concave type: It has a cavity inside.
Irregular head type: This includes the design of the head Irregular according to design requirements.
Using PCD external circular cutter to process the diameter and piston head of the piston has the following advantages:
▷Extended tool life: PCD tools are hard and wear-resistant, can withstand high cutting speeds, and extend tool life. Increased productivity while reducing the frequency of tool changes.
▷Improved Surface Finish: PCD tools provide excellent surface finish on piston cut diameters and piston heads due to their low coefficient of friction and high thermal conductivity.
Has a smooth surface finish that improves piston performance and combustion efficiency.
▷High machining efficiency: Due to the low friction coefficient and excellent thermal conductivity of PCD tools, the material can be removed efficiently. Reduced processing time and increased productivity.
▷Reduced costs: Longer tool life and improved machining efficiency save costs in the long run. Reduced need for tool changes and increased productivity outweigh the initial investment.
▷Versatile Machining Capabilities: PCD tools can be used for cutting diameters of pistons and roughing and finishing piston heads.
Its versatility allows efficient machining of different materials such as aluminum alloys, cast iron and other non-ferrous metals commonly used in piston manufacturing.
Overall, using PCD Notching tools, and PCD Boring tools are the best choice for machining the diameter of the piston and the piston head.
More SuperHard provides the best products and services for precision grooving, turning, boring, internal and external facing, and chamfering of pistons.


---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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