Moresuperhard honing product introduction

12 May 2023
Honing products are mainly divided into three categories: honing head, honing stone, and honing rod.
The honing head is composed of a honing head body, a honing base, a honing stone, a guide strip, a spring, and a cone core.
The honing base, along with the honing stone fixed to it, expands or contracts as the core of the inner cone of the honing head moves. Honing head has high machining accuracy, roundness, and cylindricity that can reach Ra0.1-0.2, with gas detection, online measurement can be realized, and automatic compensation can be realized through the hydraulic mechanism.
Honing head
A honing stone is composed of abrasive, binder, and stomata.
Mainly used for fine grinding, grinding, polishing, and super finishing to achieve high precision machining surface. The diamond and CBN honing stone have strong wear resistance, good stability, and excellent machinability, greatly improving the processing efficiency and prolonging the service life of the tool.
honing stone
Honing rod is mainly used for finishing long and thin holes.
It can correct the straightness of holes and improve the machining accuracy of the workpiece.
honing rod
Honing products are mainly used in cylinder blocks of automobile engines, tractors, motorcycles, air conditioning compressors, hydraulic cylinders, super-finished bearing rings, bearings, connecting rods, etc. It with high machining precision, high cutting efficiency, and good surface quality.
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