New energy vehicle reducer gear precision machining solution

22 May 2023
Gears with excellent processing quality can maintain a stable transmission ratio for the reducer, provide longer working life and improve transmission efficiency.
The raw material of new energy vehicle reducer gears is carburized steel with higher hardness, and the precision requirements are also more stringent.
speed reducer gear
CBN tools have stable and efficient machining solutions for roughing and finishing of main reduction gears, pump wheels, transmission shafts, direct drive gear sleeves, and differential ring gears.
Rough machining efficiently removes the carburized layer, and finishing machining ensures the dimensional accuracy of gears, reducing processing costs and improving the product advantages of the reducer.
End face and inner hole processing of main reduction gear
speed reducer gear
CBN-coated tools process 20CrMnTiH main reduction gears, with long tool life and high cutting efficiency.
Adding a wiper head can effectively avoid chatter marks and improve the surface roughness of the gear.
High-precision machining of the inner hole of the end face of the pump wheel
speed reducer gear
The roundness of the inner hole of the pump impeller must be maintained within strict dimensional tolerances.
The inner hole of the pump wheel is machined with a coated tool, which has a longer processing life and can significantly reduce the situation of out-of-tolerance roundness
Severely interrupted machining of bearing tooth end face
speed reducer gear
CBN-coated cutters can improve the feed rate from two cuts to one cut, and the efficiency is greatly improved.
The outer circle of the end face of the direct drive gear sleeve realizes rough and fine machining with one tool
speed reducer gear
CNGA120408 coated CBN tool roughing removes the carburized layer of gears efficiently, and finish machining accurately ensures dimensional tolerances. It is the cost-effective choice for high-lean machining.
Differential ring gear end face and inner hole processing
speed reducer gear
High-hardness differential ring gears require high dimensional accuracy.
CNGA-coated tool end faces rough turning has high cutting efficiency, finishing turning ensures gear precision and gear inner hole finishing reaches high standard surface roughness.

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