Customer case——CBN inserts processing high manganese steel

22 May 2023
Recently, a customer from Australia asked us about CBN inserts.
The model of the CBN insert consulted by the customer is: RNMN120400 S10015 IB85A.
The brand of CBN insert used by this customer was Ingersoll.
Basic parameters: line speed 170, feed rate 0.4, intermittent machining, working tolerance 0.5 - 1mm.
Processing material: high manganese steel.
Problems in use so far: 15 minute life per edge, 4 replacements per side if blade is not chipped or broken.
The inserts used by the customer before is as follows
used cbn inserts
MORESUPERHARD professional engineers provide customers with two different solutions after comprehensive and detailed communication with customers:
1. Change the parameters.
If the interrupted machining is particularly serious, and the use of CBN inserts is also very easy to chip, then you can first consider reducing the feed rate.
For example, if the original feed rate is adjusted from 0.4 to 0.3, and the line speed is adjusted from 170 to 120-150, it may have a better processing effect.
2. Replace the blade with thicker thickness.
The best solution is to use a thicker blade, such as RNMN120700.

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