PCD non-standard tool -stimulate the efficiency of new energy vehicle heat pump integrated valve

25 May 2023
The heat pump integrated valve of a new energy vehicle is the heat pump system in a number of valves, sensors, controllers, and other devices integrated into a module, used to control the heat pump system of pressure, flow, temperature, and other parameters, so as to achieve refrigeration, heating, dehumidification, and other functions. 
The heat pump integrated valve plays an important role in new energy vehicles, which can improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system, extend the battery life, reduce energy consumption, and improve the range of electric vehicles.
PCD Cutting Tools
Heat pump integrated valve is generally made of forged aluminum alloy or extruded aluminum alloy, with strong density and high tensile strength.
There are difficulties in processing such as sticky chips, constant chips, and wrapping chips.
There are also strict requirements on size and shape accuracy, surface finish, and processing stability.
PCD Cutting Tools
Effective chip breaking, reducing chip entanglement, and improving accuracy and efficiency, Moresuperhard’s PCD non-standard tool can provide tool optimization and overall processing solutions for heat pump integrated valves.


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