High-efficiency milling application of ceramic cutting tools in the engine machining field

12 May 2023
The most direct and effective way to increase production is to improve cutting parameters and shorten tool change time through tool optimization and upgrading without increasing the input of machine tool equipment hardware. 
Under this circumstance, engineers replace carbide blades with superhard blades and use superhard materials with high-speed cutting and good wear resistance characteristics to improve cutting efficiency, shortening single-piece processing time, greatly improving single-blade life, and reducing tool change downtime.
The rough iron on the top and bottom of the cylinder head is used as the online process of the cylinder head line, and its processing efficiency directly affects the production capacity of the whole line. 
ceramic tool
Status analysis:
1. The domestic material is not stable.
The blank cylinder head castings are provided by domestic suppliers.
Due to the difficulty of the casting process and the problem of raw materials, the blank surface will have high hardness and irregular seam hard skin.
The wear resistance and strength of the existing carbide blades are not enough, and blade breakage often occurs in the production process.


2. The carbide inserts have no chance to progress.
The cylinder head blank size is 1069mmx354mmx185mm, having a large metal removal, single blade set life of 150 pieces.
From the perspective of the replaced blade, the rear blade is generally serious, and the wear width exceeds 0.5mm. It is analyzed that the set life has reached the blade wear limit and there is no chance for further improvement.
The original solution of the cutting tool is to use imported brand carbide-coated inserts. The material is WKP25S and composite Ti AI N coating. After being trailed many times, including WKP25G and some import inserts. But the life and efficiency of inserts are not beyond current inserts.
ceramic tool
Through the research and analysis of the characteristics of superhard materials, independently developed ceramic tool and actual machine tool test, find out the optimal cutting parameters of HT250 material using the ceramic tool.
Using ceramic materials with good thermal stability and wear resistance characteristics, to achieve high-speed and efficient processing, greatly improves tool life, and reduces tool change and other auxiliary time.
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