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06 May 2023

Cast Iron Roll case study

cbn inserts processing rolling

The hardness of the cast iron roll itself (HRC62-64) is higher, and the machining precision requirements are high, the structure is more complex, making the cutting of the roll compared with the ordinary workpiece much more difficult. 
Carbide insert is difficult to meet the requirements, although the machining performance of ceramic cutting tools is higher than carbide cutting tools, the disadvantage is brittleness, and part of the large roll is casting parts, it will inevitably appear casting defects (such as hard point, sand, porosity, etc.). 
The above problems are easy to destroy the inserts, and the processing effect is not very good. 
rolling roll
MORESUPERHARD‘s cutting tool is not only the ideal tool for processing high-hardness materials but also suitable for high-speed precision and automatic processing. 
Note: Rolls of different materials, blade specifications, and cutting parameters are different, depending on the actual situation.


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