How does the diamond reamer process the part to the required size?

06 May 2023
Compared with the traditional honing process, the honing reamer head has been preset to the final machining size required by the workpiece.
Usually, the honing reamer is loaded into the multi-axis honing machine, from the first axis to the last axis, the diameter of the honing reamer increases in turn, and the diamond particles coated on the honing reamer are also from coarse to fine, the inner hole after honing become larger and the roughness gradually becomes smaller.
After the last honing, the parts can reach the required size and roughness, and shape accuracy. 
Honing reamer machining
Therefore, the honing process only needs 1 ~ 3 reciprocating strokes to complete.
The thickness of each honing tool to remove the metal layer is 2 to 20μm. This machining method does not need the cutter feed, the machining beat is fast, and can also improve the position accuracy of the hole to a certain extent.
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