Automobile box processing program- Solid PCBN face milling inserts and cutter

19 August 2020

Automobile box processing program

-Solid PCBN face milling inserts and cutter

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

The car engine is a machine that provides power to the car, and is the heart of the car, affecting the power, economy and environmental protection of the car. In the machining of engine box parts, positioning and clamping of engine blocks, cylinder heads and other parts, the choice of tools and processes are very important. There are now many tool manufacturers in China in this regard. New breakthroughs and innovations.


The box body is an important part of the five major parts of the engine, and the processing accuracy is high, and the process is complex is the main feature in the processing process.

The box body blank parts are generally made by casting, and the general material is gray iron 250.

The following is a real case of More Super Hard co-developed by a car company on box processing:

Workpiece: motor case casting;

Material: Gray iron 250;

Machine tool equipment: CNC machining center;

Cutter: More Super Hard Indexable cutter head, CBN inserts.


More Super Hard CBN inserts and cutter head introduction:

Solid PCBN face milling inserts and cutter heads are generally used for ferrous metal processing, with high cost performance, high finish, and rough machining and finishing can be achieved. The diameter of this cutter head is relatively flexible and can be customized according to customer product requirements, and the cutting depth can reach 5mm.

More Super Hard inserts can achieve repeated repairs, reduce tool costs for customers, and achieve higher cost performance.

The cutter head can be customized with multiple blades, which is a more flexible design to meet customers' diversified processing.


Examples of processing parameter comparison are as follows:

Inserts material

Cutter diameter

Depth of cut

rotate speed



Carbide inserts






More Super Hared CBN inserts




pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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