CBN tool characteristics and machining case of automobile VVT gear

24 August 2020

CBN tool characteristics and machining case of automobile VVT ​​gear

pcd and pcbn cutting tools


The characters of CBN tools

The second hard thing in the world, very high hardness and high abrasive resistance.

High heat stability, it keeps hard even in the 1400 – 1500°C

Chemical stability. No oxidation in 1000 °C. No chemical reaction with ferrous metals even in 1200 – 1300°C.

Good thermal conductivity and low friction coefficient.



The advantages of CBN tools compare to other tools

Compare to Carbide tools

CBN is harder than carbide tools, and its abrasive resistance is 30 – 50 times higher than carbide tools.

Compare to Ceramic tools

The impact toughness and fracture resistance of CBN inserts are better. And CBN tools performs good in interrupted cutting for HRC 60 work pieces.

Compare to PCD tools

Thanks to its chemical stability character, CBN tools is the first choice in cast iron, HSS and hardened steel processing. And its performance is maximized when processing temperature up to 1100°C.



Study Case


Finish cutting for automobile VVT gear

Workpiece material

Hardened Powder Metallurgy

Workpiece hardness



Coated CBN inserts, DCGW11T304

Process mode

Interrupted finishing


Oil cooling

Cutting speed

175 m/min

Feed rate

0.05 mm/rev

Cutting depth

0.1 mm

Tool life

260 pieces


pcd and pcbn cutting tools



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