Automobile sliding valve hole processing

08 June 2021

The processing of the sliding valve hole of the automobile automatic transmission valve body is the most demanding station in the whole box hole processing technology. In the common processing of aluminum alloy valve bodies with silicon content between 8% and 16%, MORE usually adopts a combination of two tools: "first rough and then fine processing".


Reaming rough processing

Adopt PCD straight groove reaming tools

Its machining speed n=8000r/min, feed rate Fn=0.3mm/min.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Rough cutting tool and workpiece section


The main characteristics of the reaming tool

1. Good at processing interference holes;

2. Finish and guide is very good, so it can ensure high roundness, cylindricity, smoothness requirements;

3. With excellent deburring function, basically do not need special subsequent deburring process;

4. The processing efficiency is usually 3 ~ 8 times of the straight slot tool, so as to directly reduce the customer's equipment and personnel costs.


Reaming hole finishing processing

Adopt PCD spiral groove finishing reamer tools  

Its machining speed n=10000r/min, feed rate Fn=0.5mm/min.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Finishing tools and workpiece


Adopts the "first rough, then fine" processing scheme, the workpiece processing surface has a very ideal mirror effect, can achieve the surface roughness Ra 0.08 ~ 0.20, and the tool life before grinding can reach 80 thousand holes stably.

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