CBN tool processing roll case

04 June 2021

In the cutting process of the roll, because of the factors such as the high hardness of the cast iron roll itself, the high precision requirement of the roll itself, and the complex structure of the roll, the cutting process of the roll is more difficult than that of the normal parts. In order to improve the efficiency of cutting and ensure the precision of roll processing, it is one of the key links of roll production to solve the technical problems of roll cutting.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools pcd and pcbn cutting tools

CBN tool is most suitable for high hardness hardened steel, high temperature alloy, cutting bearing steel (60-62HRC), tool steel (57-60HRC), high speed steel (62HRC) and other materials of high-speed processing. In the machining of hardened die steel, using CBN tool for high-speed cutting can play the role of milling instead of grinding, which can greatly reduce the workload of manual finishing and thus greatly improve the machining efficiency.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Roller processing solutions:
Processing parts: the outer circle of the roll
Workpiece material: alloy cast iron, 9CrV
Hard degree: HRC55-62
Processing process: rough car, half fine car
Inserts: cubic boron nitride monolithic inserts
The processing parameters
Cutting depth: AP =6mm
Linear velocity: VC =80m/min
Feed: F =1mm/r


pcd and pcbn cutting tools

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