CBN groove cutter processing oil drilling roller bit solution

18 October 2023
As a tool for drilling rock formations, roller cone bits have been widely used.
Significant improvements in drill bit performance directly reduce drilling costs, especially in the past decade, which has seen the fastest progress.
Composed of more than 20 components such as a cutting structure, bearing structure, locking components, oil storage sealing device, and nozzle device, the cone is a cone with teeth on it (or milled out).
The customer currently uses imported tools to process the gear ball grooves and locking grooves.
The unit price of the workpiece is too high. We hope we can help them solve this problem.
R1.5 and R2 groove cutters are used on-site to finish turning the cone ball grooves and locking grooves.
The difficulty for the blades is that the workpiece material is hard, the surface roughness is high, and there must be no wavy patterns or small steps.
The margin is large during finishing. , the clamping rigidity of the machine tool is insufficient, and vibration marks are easily generated during processing; the tool toughness must be good, and small chipping cannot occur during processing, otherwise it will cause steps in the workpiece.
CBN inserts with grooves
These problems place high demands on the performance of CBN tool materials and the processing of cutting edges.
We choose medium-content CBN and take advantage of its good toughness.
The cutting edge adopts a negative chamfer super-fine grinding solution to meet the customer's requirements for the surface quality of the workpiece. We tested it according to the customer's on-site processing parameters.
The tool processing effect is stable and in line with the current use. The imported cutting tools have the same effect, but greatly reduce the customer's production costs and solve the customer's cost reduction needs.
cbn inserts
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