PCD tool processing aluminum material case

19 October 2023
Aluminum alloy processing characteristics:
In industry, aluminum alloys with aluminum as the main material are widely used, and aluminum alloy processing is also common in the manufacturing and processing industry.
However, due to the soft nature and low melting point of aluminum, if inappropriate tools are used to process aluminum alloys, problems such as tool sticking and difficulty in chip removal often occur, which accelerates tool wear and affects the processing quality.
Customer case:workpiece
The customer originally used ordinary carbide blades for processing, but the workpiece had many lines and the smoothness did not meet the requirements.
Later, the customer used PCD insert APKT160410. The texture disappeared and the surface was very bright.
Comparison of advantages of PCD tools for processing aluminum alloys:
Traditional processing generally uses carbide and other cutting tools for low-speed processing. The chips are easily "glued" or adhered to the cutting tools, forming a built-up edge. The processing quality is poor, resulting in very low production efficiency and insufficient smoothness.
However, the sharp cutting wear of PCD tools is slow, the cutting process is more stable, and it is conducive to reducing surface roughness.
The surface of high-speed turning parts can achieve a mirror effect, and it is currently the ideal tool for milling aluminum alloys.​
For example, the commonly used 5052 aluminum alloy, 6061 aluminum plate, 6063 aluminum plate, 7075 aluminum plate, etc. have been widely used in the field of electronic product housings and parts processing.
Using PCD tools to process these aluminum and aluminum alloys can meet very high technical requirements.
The workpiece surface is smooth and burr-free, with high production efficiency and long service life, which naturally reduces processing costs.
The optimized aluminum alloy machining solution uses PCD tools to maximize surface finish and tool life.
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