CBN inserts for machining cast iron

26 October 2023
CBN inserts for machining cast iron
Recently one of our customers needed CBN inserts to process cylinder bores.
After asking customers for relevant processing information, we got the following information:
The CBN insert model required by the customer: TPGN090204
cbn inserts
CBN insert produced by Moresuperhard: TPGN090204
cbn inserts
Processed workpiece material: cast iron
Workpiece drawings provided by customers
(The picture on the left shows the processing area)
As a superhard tool material, CBN tools have been widely used in high-speed cutting of high-hardness and difficult-to-machine materials, improving processing efficiency and processing quality.
CBN tools can cut cast iron, hardened steel, high-temperature alloys, high-speed steel, and other materials, and are the first choice for turning difficult-to-machine materials.
Cast iron has the advantages of good castability, vibration damping, and machinability, and the production equipment and process are simple and the cost is low. The usage in the automobile manufacturing industry is staggering.
It is used to manufacture a variety of components, including engine blocks, cylinder heads, shafts, brake drums, and brake discs. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, transportation, defense industry, and other sectors.
CBN inserts are characterized by extremely high hardness. They can still maintain their hardness and good cutting performance at high temperatures of more than 1,000 degrees. They have achieved good application results in the processing of cast iron parts such as engine blocks.
For example, CBN inserts are often used in semi-finish boring and fine boring processes for cylinder bores, and the cutting speed can reach 800m/min.
In view of the processing characteristics of automobile engine blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder bores, etc., Moresuperhard's CBN blades can be used for semi-finishing and finishing of cylinder assembly surfaces, cylinder bores, cylinder head bottom and top surfaces, and can meet high-speed cutting requirements. The efficiency is doubled and the surface quality of the workpiece is extremely high.
---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee
---POST: Cynthia Lee
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