PCD non-standard boring inserts with chip breaking for processing new energy motor casings

31 October 2023
new energy motor casings  In the field of new energy motor manufacturing, the processing of the motor housing is a key link that affects the performance of the entire motor.
  However, traditional processing methods usually use carbide tools, which have problems such as low processing efficiency, difficulty in chip breaking, poor chip breaking effect, and serious chip entanglement.
In order to deal with this processing problem, we recommend PCD non-standard chip-breaking and boring inserts to our customers.
The tool adopts a special structural design to effectively reduce cutting resistance, prevent the occurrence of built-up edges, and successfully achieve efficient chip-breaking processing, helping customers improve quality, and efficiency and reduce costs.
PCD Inserts
In the following working conditions, for the machining of the motor housing, after tool optimization, the chips during processing are chips and curled chips, and no longer wrap around the tool holder, and the chip-breaking effect is good.
The surface roughness of the processed motor housing is significantly improved, and the tool life is also greatly improved, helping customers reduce production costs.
PCD non-standard boring inserts with chip breaking for processing new energy motor casings Case:
Workpiece Motor housing
Workpiece material Aluminum
Processing part Inner hole
Processing size Φ180mm
Cooling method Water cooling
Processing method continuous processing
Tool model CCGT09T308-1L
Processing parameters n:1000/500r/min
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee

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