CBN tools - the case for cutting steel

21 June 2022
This is a customer from Switzerland who would like to inquire about CBN tools.
After communication, I learned that the customer started to use a carbide tool to cut steel. 
Although the cutting effect was good, the customer wanted to improve efficiency and output, so he tried a CBN cutting knife, but the effect was not satisfactory. 
The following is the information learned from communication with customers:
Workpiece: 42crmo 64hrc. 
Speed ​​of the machine: 80m/min f0.04. 
Machining allowance: 10mm
At the same time, the customer also sent pictures: 
case2    case1    
At this time, we took into account the linear velocity problem.
About line speed: the speed of normal processing of the workpiece is determined by the machine tool feed rate, which is the line speed of the machine tool. And for steel with a hardness of 64, if it is cut with a cemented carbide tool, the life will be very poor. 
According to the workpiece material and machine parameters provided by the customer, although the rotational speed will affect the cause of the failure of the CBN tool, it will not fail. Generally speaking, for 64 hardness, CBN tools will work well. 
So we ended up with two solutions for our customers: one is to bring the customer's current substrate, we inlay the chip, and there is no need to change the blade. The second is to replace all the blades of the arbor.
In the end, I recommend the client to try again with MORE's CBN tool and am currently waiting for the client's response.

---EDITOR: Wing /Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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