Roughing application of CBN tools for hardened steel

20 June 2022
CBN tools have been widely accepted and adopted as a member of superhard tools. As a superhard tool material second only to diamond hardness.
CBN tools have very high wear resistance and red hardness, and are mainly used for machining hardened steel, gray iron, powder metallurgy, medical industry parts and even WC alloys under specific conditions.
The high hardness (usually above HRC55) of the parts after heat treatment makes conventional carbide tools unable to provide efficient and wear-resistant machining solutions. At this time, CBN tools can replace cemented carbide to complete the processing.
There are several types of CBN inserts that are most common in the tool market today:
Welding tip: CBN sheet is cut into small pieces of different shapes and welded on the cemented carbide substrate.
Welding surface: CBN sheet is directly welded on the whole surface of the cemented carbide substrate.
Monolithic CBN: Monolithic CBN as a tool for cutting.
Roughing application of CBN tools for hardened steel
Finishing of hardened steel is one of the most common CBN machining applications, with parts typically roughing with carbide inserts before heat treatment and finishing with CBN inserts after heat treatment. At this time, the finishing allowance is usually less than 0.5mm, and the type of CBN inserts used are mostly in the form of welding tips.
Considering the high hardness of CBN material, the use of welding tip is beneficial to improve the impact resistance of the entire blade, so as to improve the service life of the tool;
At the same time, due to the relatively high price of CBN materials, the CBN insert in the form of a welding tip has a very high cost-effectiveness advantage.
CBN tools have excellent performance, high hardness, wear resistance, and show red hardness and thermochemical stability at high cutting temperatures. They are more suitable for high-speed and dry cutting and advanced processing methods such as "turning instead of grinding". At the same time, it has better processing flexibility when cutting hardened steel, and its machined surface quality can also achieve or even exceed the effect that can be achieved by traditional grinding.
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