How to process the surface of gold and silver jewelry?

17 June 2022
The gold and silver jewelry we usually wear are very beautiful, enhance the temperament, and have many engravings on the surface, so how are these exquisite jewelry processed? As the processing development of the jewelry industry is increasingly updated, stricter requirements are placed on the processing tools. For different precious metals, the designed front and rear angle parameters play a crucial role in the tool life and the smoothness of the precious metal surface.
Machined Gold Jewelry
A perfect surface for jewelry requires machining with single crystal diamond tools. There are two kinds of single crystal diamond tools: natural and artificial. Natural single crystal diamond is small in quantity and expensive. It is mainly used for glasses, optical lenses, digital electronic optical accessories, automotive optical systems, special flying glasses for aerospace, and ultra-precision cutting of some non-ferrous metals. 
Synthetic single crystal diamond has the same structure as natural single crystal diamond, has the same performance and relatively low cost, and has a wide range of industrial applications and commercial prospects. The jewelry industry is also a major application industry. The single crystal diamond tool has the characteristics of low loss, long life, convenient use, etc., and can ensure extremely high machining accuracy and mirror finish.
Processing gold and silver jewelry or used in the jewelry industry single crystal tool selection of artificial diamond. One of our UK customers recently purchased MCD tools with three different size from us to processing gold jewelry . 3mm.1mm and 0.5mm.
Machined Gold Jewelry
MCD Tool characteristics:
1, high welding strength, can make extended blade for special processing occasions;
2, advanced grinding technology, can get sharp edge;
3. Part of C atoms in MCD single crystal are replaced by N atoms. The hardness of single crystal diamond is enhanced and the tool life is long.
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