Mono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision MachiningMono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision MachiningMono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision Machining
Mono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision MachiningMono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision MachiningMono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision Machining

Mono Crystal Diamond Tools for Ultra Precision Machining

The mono-crystal diamond tools can obtain excellent cutting edge through grinding.The surface finish of single crystal diamond tool can reach more than 0.01micron (Ra < 0.1 um)

The world's top brands of raw materials: E6 single crystal diamond

Application industries: optical lenses, 3C, medical contact lenses, electronic, jewelry, watch marking and automotive industry, etc


What is MCD?

MCD is monocrystalline diamond. The other name of MCD is SCD (single crystal diamond). MCD is a single synthetic diamond that has a yellow-like crystal. The largest size usually can reach 8mm. MCD is a very important synthetic diamond in the cutting tools industry. Mono crystal diamond tools are used in a number of industries when surface finish is critical to the application. Because the cutting edge is made of one large diamond stone, the tool can be ground sharp to 10,000x magnification. Tolerances for SCD/MCD tools are typically much tighter and more controlled than for polycrystalline diamond tools. It is often used for mirror processing of high-precision parts. After processing, there is generally no need for grinding, polishing and other subsequent processes.

single crystal diamond tools


Types Of Mono Crystal Diamond Cutting Tools

Depending on the equipment (CNC machine tools, CNC machining centers, etc.) and cutting processes used in different working conditions, single crystal tools can be welded on different tool bodies as required to make different cutting tools. Common types of single crystal tools,

Single crystal diamond inserts, Non standard Single crystal diamond turning tools, Mono crystal diamond milling tools, Mono crystal chamfering cutters, MCD grooving cutters, Single crystal ball milling cutters, monocrystalline diamond end mill, etc

MCD non-standard square bar type turning tools
- Suitable for turning non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. The surface roughness after processing can reach Rz0.1~0.05μm, and the cutting depth during processing does not exceed 0.05mm
MCD mono crystal diamond Arc cutting tools
- Mono crystal diamond tool is suitable for the forming and processing of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. The size of the arc is designed according to the requirements of the workpiece.
MCD Non-standard integrated top and bottom chamfering cutting tools
- The tool has two cutting edges, and one tool can realize up and down chamfering without changing the tool, which is very cost-effective
Application of MCD non-standrad chamfering tool
- Chamfering of the outer frame of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, etc.
- The peripheral chamfering of mobile phone shell parts.
- Reasonable design and speed feed can eliminate the residual tool marks in the processing, and truly achieve the mirror surface of the processing surface effect
- The grain processing efficiency is higher, especially the mosaic welding, the speed can reach 70,000 revolutions/min, and the feed can reach 4000 mm/min, but it is inevitable that there will be residual tool marks in the processing.
single crystal diamond cutting tools

What materials can be processed by single crystal cutting tools

Suitable for ultra-precision and mirror processing of precious metals, aluminum, copper, magnesium and their alloys, composite materials (FRM, FRP, CFRP), silicon carbide, ceramics, quartz glass, cemented carbide, resin and other materials. Especially for acrylic chamfer, dia-cutting glass lens, CP board, etc


Application industies of mono crystal diamond MCD tools

3C electronic industry: shells and panels for clock , mobile phone, copper aluminum products,mobile phone copper buttons CD lines, acrylic, PC panel decoration such as specular chamfering. Mobile phone outer mirror, button mirror, torch outer mirror, computer hard disk substrate and high-end Swiss watch (special small and highly precise tools), etc
Optical glass processing: optical lens, optical storage reading head, (aspheric) spherical lenses, optical molds, mirrors, etc.
Precious metal processing, jewelry industry: gold, silver, platinum products of carving processing. 
Medical Industry: contact lens and IOL (single-crystal mills and drills). Contact lens machining tools are free from scratches and burrs on the contact lens that may occur during finishing process.
Printing industry: roller mould
Automotive industry: night driving optical system, projection lights, aluminum alloy wheels, etc.
Defense and aerospace industry: navigation gyro for missiles
New materials ceramics, engineering plastics. motorcycle trailers, shipbuilding, rail transportation and other industries.
single crystal diamond tools


Advantages Of Mono Crystal Diamond Tools

- Geometries and dimensions are maintained exactly.
- High homogeneity, no microstructure. 
- Allows the production of highly precise cutting edges for maximum surface accuracies. 
- Cutting edges are extremely sharp.
- Machining can be performed without restrictive contours.No special tools required.
- Constant process reliability and assured reproducibility.
- Surface qualities with Ra < 0.1 um are possible!
- Turning in polishing quality.
How this increase in hardness directly leads to increases in tool life when machining one of the most abrasive materials in industrial use
Cutting tool materials hardness and toughness properties
cutting tool materials


Comparison of MCD mono crystal diamond tool with standard cutting tools

MCD indexable inserts. The line of the MCD cutting edge is not interrupted by sinter bonding phases and thus remains sharp and free of break-outs.

Standard indexable inserts. Abrasive particles in the component material damage the soft bonding phases in sintered standard indexable inserts and result in break-outs.

mcd mono crystal diamond tools

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