Carbon fiber composite material PCD milling cutter

16 July 2021

Aerospace composite materials occupies an important position in the aviation industry. The efficiency of composite material processing, processing finish, tool life, and processing cost are important indicators of composite material processing tools.


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


2-edge PCD end mill     ( Accept special diameter specification customization. )

Center cutting allows plunge milling and finishing on flat surfaces. 

Processing material: T700 composite material.

General diameter range: φ3~φ12       

Product advantages:

(1)PCD blade can cut fiber materials lightly.

(2)Longer tool life.

(3)High surface finish.                                


pcd and pcbn cutting tools


Three-turn milling cutter                            

Suitable for yaw machining with five-axis linkage.

Processing material: T700 composite material.

Product advantages:

(1) Different rake angle design, cutting force offset.

(2) Effectively avoiding defects such as delamination and tearing.

(3) PCD cutting edge is sharper, cutting force is small.

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