Classification and application advantages of PCBN cutting tools

01 November 2022
Solid CBN
Physical Geometric Properties:
1. High fracture toughness;
2. Large bending strength;
3. Can withstand the high temperatures of 1400 degrees;
4. The number of tool tips is large, and each tip can be cut.
Such as C1204, 4 tool tips at an 80-degree angle, and 8 tool tips with an obtuse angle.
Solid CBNApplication and advantages:
1. It can meet rough, semi-finishing, and finishing;
2. Suitable for continuous, weak intermittent, and strong intermittent cutting environments;
3. Suitable for high-speed cutting with large depth of cut;
4. Countersunk holes or through holes can be processed, and the clamping is more firm.
5. This structure is first recommended for hard steel processing.
6. It can be reground infinitely, and the blade utilization rate is high;
Physical Geometric Properties:
1. The blade tip is made of integral sintered material with good chipping resistance.
2. The welding temperature is more than 900 degrees, and the tool tip can withstand the cutting temperature of 750 degrees without falling off;
3. Only the sharp-angled tip is available. Such as C1204, there are 4 tips.
Application and advantages:
1. It can meet rough, semi-finishing, and finishing;
2. High welding strength, can withstand higher cutting temperature and cutting force.
3. It is suitable for processing conditions with a depth of cut <3mm, and can meet strong intermittent, weak intermittent, and continuous processing environments;
4. Corresponding to the full clamping toolbar, it can directly replace the coated blade, and there is no need to replace the toolbar.
5. This structure is recommended for processing hard steel.
6. Regrinding is possible, but the number of times is limited.


Strong Tipped

Physical Geometric Properties:
1. The tool tip is a composite material, which is brittle and has poor chipping resistance;
2. The welding temperature is 800 degrees, and it can withstand the cutting temperature of 650 degrees without falling off;
3. The number of tool tips is twice less than that of the overall welding. Individual small blades have only one point.
Strong Tipped
Application and advantages:
1. Suitable for semi-finishing and finishing needs;
2. Suitable for cutting depth <0.5mm, weak intermittent and continuous finishing environment;
3. The probability of desoldering increases in the environment with high cutting temperatures.
4. Can not be regrind.
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