Diamond pick damaged in the processing cutting coal and rock

08 October 2021
The cutting gear is installed on the working structure of shearer and roadheader for cutting coal and rock directly. In the process of coal production, the consumption of a large number of picks not only increases the cost of tons of coal, affects the economic benefit of coal production, but also reduces the output of working face because of the longer time to replace the picks. Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze and determine the main factors causing the damage of the pick and take effective measures to reduce the consumption of the diamond pick.
Many customers in the use of shearer, digger and other machinery found that the mechanical picks are liable to malfunction, through the analysis of the investigation we get the following reasons.

 diamond pick

1. Low impact resistance. The performance of alloy head is poor, there are uneven grain distribution, graphite impurities, and backward technology in the alloy head. The residual stress of brazing alloy head is large. The fracture and eccentric wear of the diamond pick head caused by unstable material will cause the alloy head to lose protection support prematurely.  
diamond pick  diamond pick
2. low wear resistance. The high cobalt content, low density, incomplete structure and low hardness of the diamond pick alloy lead to poor wear resistance of the pick alloy cutter disc.
3. Alloy head come off. Alloy head shedding is one of the main failure forms of pick. Because of poor weld quality, low strength, the processing size of the diamond pick tooth body is not strictly controlled, leading to too large or too small weld gap, resulting in solder flow difficulties, resulting in the pick scrap in advance, resulting in machine damage. Improper brazing process of alloy head will also lead to alloy head falling off.
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