Manufacture process of diamond cutting tools

08 October 2021

The manufacturing process of diamond tool is confidential at home and abroad, but the process is basically the same, one of the main processes is that the tool must go through crystal orientation before manufacturing. At present, there are three main crystal orientation methods: manual visual crystal orientation, laser crystal orientation and X-ray crystal orientation. 

diamond tool


(1) Artificial visual crystal orientation

Artificial visual crystal orientation is a rough crystal orientation done by observation and experiment based on the operator's long-term working experience, according to the external geometric shape of natural crystal, surface growth, corrosion characteristics and geometric Angle relations between each crystal face. This method is simple, easy to use and does not need equipment, but the accuracy of orientation results is poor, and the operator's experience is high, and manual visual orientation can no longer be carried out for the tool which has been processed and has lost the characteristics of natural single crystal crystal.

(2)Laser crystal orientation

Laser crystal orientation is a new crystal orientation method. Laser crystal orientation is to irradiate the diamond crystal surface with a laser with good coherence, and the regular crystal plane grain and microscopic pits on the surface of the diamond crystal in different crystallization directions are reflected on the screen to form characteristic diffraction light images. However, due to external interference, naturally formed regular grain grain and microscopic pits are often not obvious or can not be observed at all. Therefore, before the orientation of such crystals, it is necessary to undergo appropriate artificial corrosion to form the characteristic morphology. 

diamond tool   diamond tool

(3) X-ray crystal orientation

This method is usually divided into Laue diffraction method and monochromatic diffractometer method. The symmetrical type of diamond is 3L44L36L29PC. X-ray is used to irradiate the diamond, and the gouge containing the diamond is rotated to make the 4th, 3rd or 2nd symmetry axis of the diamond coincide with the direction of the incoming X-ray beam, resulting in a symmetric diffraction image. Since the wavelength of x-rays is close to the crystal lattice constant, diffraction occurs when x-rays pass through the crystal or are reflected back from the crystal surface. Using this principle, a special X-ray crystal orientation instrument has been developed. This crystal orientation method has high precision, but because of the harm of X-ray to human body, it is necessary to pay attention to the protection of operators when using.





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