Maintenance of single crystal diamond tools

08 October 2021
Because of the large brittleness of single crystal diamond tool and the sharp edge, it is easy to collapse when impacted, so it should be used as far as possible under smooth and non-vibration working conditions. At the same time, the rigidity of the workpiece and the tool should be improved as much as possible, and the rigidity of the whole system should be increased. In addition, the cutting dosage should not exceed 0.1mm.

1. The higher cutting speed can reduce the cutting force, while the lower cutting speed will increase the cutting force, thus accelerating the failure of the cutting edge. Therefore, the cutting speed should not be too low when using diamond tools.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

2. It is necessary to avoid contacting the diamond tool with the workpiece or other hard objects in the static state to prevent the cutting edge of the tool from being hurt. Hard objects such as sand are easy to be entrained in operators' fingernails and fingerprints, and the diamond blade may be damaged by scraping the blade directly with fingernails or fingers. Non-contact measurement methods such as optical instruments should be adopted in the detection and adjustment of diamond tools.

3. The diamond tool should be cleaned with absorbent cotton and alcohol or acetone. The tool should be covered with rubber or plastic protection when not in use, and placed in a separate knife case.

single crystal diamond tool

4. When using diamond tool with straight finishing edge for mirror cutting, the offset Angle is required to be less than a few minutes, and the tool may produce up to 1 DEG during installation. Before processing, it is necessary to adjust the tool before processing. By adjusting the parallelism of the tool polishing edge and the feed direction, the best machining surface roughness can be obtained. The tool alignment method is as follows: first, a small section of surface is processed on the workpiece, and then the tool is adjusted under a microscope of 10 ~ 30 times so that the polishing edge is parallel to its mirror image on the newly processed surface. Due to the high requirement of parallelism, patient and fine repeated adjustments must be made. Attention should be paid to the failure of tool alignment due to the slight rotation of the tool when the tool rod clamping screw is turned.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

5. Because the cutting process of straight line finishing edge tool is time-consuming and laborious, the arc-edge tool with radius of 10 ~ 30mm can be used to replace the straight line finishing edge tool for some mirror cutting with lower precision. The shape of the arc-edged tool is similar to that of the contact lens turning tool, except that the back Angle is reduced and the radius of the tool tip is increased. Using this tool can not only simplify the tool setting process, but also when one arc is worn, a new arc can be used after slightly rotating the tool, thus increasing the tool life. The high precision single crystal diamond arc cutter is also a necessary tool for machining concave mirrors.



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