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06 December 2023
With the profound changes in the global automobile industry, China's automobile industry is accelerating its integration into the tide of global automobile industry changes, relying on the strategic opportunities of electrification and intelligence.
According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, from January to October 2023, China's automobile production and sales completed 24.016 million units and 23.967 million units respectively, a year-on-year increase of 8% and 9.1%. Domestic sales of automobiles in China were 20.045 million units, a year-on-year increase of 2.7%; automobile exports were 3.922 million units, a year-on-year increase of 59.7%.
It is a foregone conclusion that China will rank first in the world in automobile export volume this year.
But at the same time, the automobile market has shifted from an incremental era to a stock era, which undoubtedly places higher requirements on automobile companies.
How to deal with the processing challenges of new materials and new parts and manufacture higher-quality cars with higher efficiency and lower cost has become a key part for car companies to achieve market differentiation.
engines part
On December 6, 2023, Sandvik Coromant China Automotive Aluminum Alloy Tool R&D Center will be officially launched at the Coromant Center (Langfang), and a new energy vehicle processing solutions seminar will be held at the same time.
China Automotive Aluminum Alloy Tool R&D Center Launched
As China's automotive industry plays an increasingly important role in the global automotive landscape, Sandvik Coromant is acutely aware that the Chinese market and customers' emphasis on and expectations for innovative automotive technologies have become a powerful driving force for the development of the global automotive market.
To further strengthen its technological innovation capabilities in China, Sandvik Coromant chose to establish a global automotive R&D center in Langfang, China - China Automotive Aluminum Alloy Tool R&D Center.
This center will promote Sandvik Coromant to lead the mechanical processing industry towards the development of automobile intelligence, electrification, lightweight, and other fields; at the same time, Langfang has the advantage of a production plant, which will greatly shorten the product development and production cycle.
At the launch ceremony, Sandvik Coromant will introduce the capabilities and plans of this R&D center in detail, and share the development trends of the automotive industry with everyone.
At the same time, it will also bring the latest new energy vehicle aluminum alloy processing solutions and tool products to assist in the processing of typical parts and meet the needs for high surface quality and high efficiency of new energy vehicle aluminum alloy parts.
Considering that the automotive industry is one of the most automated industries, Sandvik Coromant will also share specific solutions for realizing intelligent manufacturing and assisting black light factories.
Sandvik Coromant and the automotive industry
Sandvik Coromant has maintained close cooperation with automobile manufacturers around the world since its establishment in 1942. Whether it is solutions or advanced tool products, it has solid professional capabilities and profound technological accumulation.
For machinable materials and parts in the automotive industry, Sandvik Coromant's automotive engineering project team has successful overall solutions and experience and turnkey capabilities and is committed to reducing customers' investment, shortening R&D and production cycles, and reducing parts costs. Provide professional services at the cost per piece.
Facing the changes in the automotive industry, Sandvik Coromant sees that aluminum materials are one of the effective ways to solve the parts challenges currently faced by the manufacturing industry.
Aluminum is one of the lightest metals in the world, almost three times lighter than iron, yet extremely strong and corrosion-resistant. Moreover, aluminum materials can be continuously reused. Even after melting and repeated use, the mechanical properties of aluminum materials do not deteriorate or change.
Thanks to effective recycling initiatives, around 75% of all aluminum produced is still in use, helping to create a more sustainable future.
The wide application of aluminum alloys in automotive parts also brings huge challenges to processing. Sandvik Coromant provides solutions and tooling for aluminum parts, supporting both with in-depth application expertise.
Including but not limited to the M5 series of special milling tools, the profoundly revolutionary CoroTurn® Prime omnidirectional turning technology, and high-efficiency hole machining tools, etc., all have a profound impact on the processing methods of the automotive industry.
Sandvik Coromant will continue to explore the processing technology, equipment, cutting tool design, processing methods, and programming methods of automotive parts, and serve the automotive industry's pursuit of product development, production safety, manufacturing quality, and efficiency costs through continuous iterative optimization. , is committed to providing world-class processing solutions, providing the most competitive value-added application solutions and products, and enhancing customers' competitiveness in the global market.
Cutting Tools
Facing the rapid development of the automotive industry, Moresuperhard is also doing its best to provide better industry solutions for customers in related industries.
Currently, for the processing of products in the automotive industry, Moresuperhard can provide PCD tools for processing aluminum parts. At the same time, Moresuperhard also has excellent CBN tools that can process high-hardness materials such as high-speed steel and hardened steel. Moresuperhard can also provide high-quality single crystal diamond cutting tools, honing tools, dressing tools, etc.
MORESUPERHARD adheres to the brand concept of "MORE THAN GRIDING", insists on a professional and serious attitude, becomes a leader in the superhard tool solution industry, and is the first choice for customers from different countries!
Moresuperhard is fully developing the international market.
We adhere to the service concept of creating value beyond the contract for customers with standardized, professional, and "tailor-made" services.
Choose More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd., we will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal-cutting challenge you encounter!
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