Choosing the Right CBN Inserts for High-Precision Machining

21 December 2023
In the realm of manufacturing, achieving high precision and superior surface finishing for hardened steel parts presents an escalating challenge.
The demand for near-form parts is surging across diverse markets, with customers emphasizing the need for meeting requirements without compromising tolerances or generating scrap during finishing operations.
This challenge extends beyond high-precision automotive components, affecting a spectrum of applications in general machining where precision and quality surface finish are paramount.
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Key Challenges in Hard Turning with CBN Inserts
 1. High Cutting Force
Machining hardened steel with CBN inserts introduces a challenge in dealing with exceptionally high cutting forces. The repercussions include potential tool wear and insert breakage, ultimately leading to part scrap. Navigating this challenge is crucial for ensuring the longevity and reliability of the cutting tools.
CBN Inserts designed to withstand high cutting forces are essential for optimal performance.
 2. High Temperature 
The process of machining hardened materials with CBN inserts generates elevated temperatures. These high temperatures pose a threat to both the surface integrity of the workpiece and the durability of the tool itself. Choosing CBN inserts equipped to handle high-temperature environments is imperative to preserve both tool and workpiece integrity.
Explore CBN Inserts designed to withstand extreme temperatures for superior performance.
 3. Surface Quality 
Achieving the desired surface finish when machining hardened steel parts with CBN inserts can be intricate due to various factors. Optimal surface quality is not only a cosmetic concern but also a critical aspect of part functionality.
Investing in high-quality CBN Inserts that address surface finish challenges ensures the delivery of top-notch results.
cbn inserts
 Innovative Solutions: The Role of Advanced PVD Coating 
To address these challenges, our Research and Development team has developed a groundbreaking solution—a new and unique PVD coating. This coating significantly enhances the capabilities of CBN inserts in meeting the challenges mentioned earlier.
1.  Consistent High Surface Quality Across the Product Range 
   - The new PVD coating ensures that high surface quality is consistently delivered across the entire range of CBN inserts, meeting the stringent requirements of diverse applications.
2.  Precision Edge Processing Through a New Grinding Process 
   - Our commitment to precision is manifested through a new grinding process applied to the edge processing of the blade. This advancement achieves higher precision, contributing to the overall performance of the CBN inserts.
3.  Enhanced Wear Resistance with Unique Nanocomposite PVD Coating 
   - The introduction of a unique nanocomposite PVD coating represents a significant leap forward in wear resistance. This innovation ensures prolonged tool life, addressing challenges related to high cutting forces and temperatures during machining with CBN inserts .
In conclusion, selecting the right CBN inserts for high-precision machining involves a meticulous consideration of the challenges posed by cutting forces, temperatures, and surface quality.
The integration of advanced PVD coatings, such as the one developed by our R&D team, is pivotal for overcoming these challenges and ensuring optimal performance in various machining applications.
Explore our range of CBN inserts to elevate your machining capabilities.
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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