Enhanced PEEK Engineering Plastic Turning with PCD Tools

24 December 2023
Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a remarkable engineering plastic known for its exceptional performance, particularly when reinforced with carbon fiber, such as in the PEEK5600CF30 material.
This enhanced material exhibits superior wear resistance and mechanical properties, making it widely utilized in applications like airtight sealing and support positioning components.
However, turning PEEK5600CF30 poses challenges such as rapid tool wear and low processing efficiency, impacting precision and accuracy.
To address these challenges, the utilization of high-performance tools is crucial.
Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tools emerge as a solution, offering tight particle combination, resistance to breakage, and high wear resistance. These tools, designed for turning non-metallic materials, play a pivotal role in overcoming the obstacles associated with PEEK material processing.
PEEK part
PEEK material Application Scenario:
One specific application of PEEK5600CF30 is in the production of ejection hook anti-friction rings.
These rings, with a wall thickness of 1mm, require precise dimensions and surface quality.
The outer circle diameter ranges from 30 to 55mm, with lengths varying from 1 to 10mm.
Achieving the required surface roughness value of Ra 1.6μm for the inner hole and outer circle is imperative for optimal performance.
Challenges in PEEK Processing:
Three major challenges currently hinder the effective processing of PEEK special engineering plastics:
1. Poor tool life when using carbide tools.
2. Difficulty in ensuring dimensional accuracy and surface roughness during processing.
3. Low processing efficiency with the need for optimized cutting parameters.
peek part
To address these challenges, adopting PCD tools is a strategic solution that significantly enhances the machining process and improves overall efficiency.
PCD Tool Advantages:
During the machining process with carbide inserts, issues such as crater wear, flank wear, and groove wear are prevalent.
The interaction with carbon fiber in PEEK materials exacerbates tool wear, leading to reduced edge strength and poor surface quality. PCD cutting tools demonstrate a substantial improvement in wear resistance and machining accuracy.
Impact of PCD Tools:
Upon transitioning to PCD cutting tools, several improvements become evident. Notably:
1. Enhanced tool wear resistance, particularly on the rake face.
2. Preservation of cutting edge integrity and high accuracy in the tool tip's arc shape.
3. Significant improvement in machining accuracy, resulting in superior part quality.
PCD Drill for process PEEK
Incorporating PCD tools into the turning process of carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK materials, such as PEEK5600CF30, proves to be a transformative solution.
The advantages of PCD tools, including wear resistance and precise machining capabilities, contribute to overcoming the challenges associated with PEEK processing.
For a comprehensive selection of PCD tools, explore the options at More Cutting Tools. Elevate your PEEK engineering plastic turning processes with cutting-edge tools designed for optimal performance and efficiency.
---EDITOR: Miya Ma/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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