The application and outstanding advantages of PCD reamers in cemented carbide mold processing

27 December 2023

carbide mold

Carbide molds, as one of the important components in the manufacturing industry, face problems such as inefficiency, poor surface quality, severe wear, and short service life of traditional cutting tools during processing.
However, in this key area, PCD cutting tools provide strong support for carbide mold processing with their unique characteristics, injecting new life and vitality into the cutting edge.
Characteristics of cemented carbide materials: high hardness and wear resistance, good thermal conductivity
The unique properties of cemented carbide materials - high hardness and wear resistance, as well as good thermal conductivity, make PCD tools the first choice for processing cemented carbide.
Outstanding advantages of PCD cutting tools
1. Excellent hardness and wear resistance
     - Facing the high hardness and wear environment of carbide, PCD reamers show extremely high hardness and wear resistance, making the tools more durable.
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2. Excellent thermal conductivity
     - Effectively reduces cutting temperature and prevents tool wear caused by overheating, thereby extending tool life.
     - Excellent thermal conductivity not only ensures stable processing of the tool but also ensures extended service life.
3. Improve cutting accuracy and surface quality
     - PCD reamers can significantly improve cutting accuracy, ensure the surface quality of carbide molds, and improve manufacturing accuracy.
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4. Improvement of cutting efficiency and acceleration of the production process
     - The use of PCD reamers not only improves cutting efficiency but also accelerates the production process, making the processing process more efficient.
PCD Reamer

PCD Reamer

Customer story: A successful choice for a British mold manufacturer
Recently, a mold manufacturer from the UK faced the challenge of machining holes with small margins in carbide molds, and at the same time urgently needed to improve the life of the tools. With our PCD Reamer Products, they have the solution.
Needs and Challenges
The customer provided product specifications and workpiece drawings. After comprehensive analysis, we found that the drill reamer originally planned to be used was not the best choice. Therefore, we proposed to the customer to replace it with a flat-edged PCD reamer and change the sharp corners to flat edges to better meet the processing needs.
The wonderful use of PCD reamer
- Wide applicability
     - PCD reamers can be used not only for carbide, but also for cutting non-ferrous metals, non-metals, composite materials, etc., and are widely used in automotive parts, engineering machinery, 3C electronics, aerospace, furniture, metallurgy, glass, and other fields.
     - Made of high-quality imported raw materials, the tool has high hardness, good wear resistance, and strong thermal conductivity.
     - The tool has sufficient sharpness, high processing efficiency, and excellent hole wall surface quality.
     - The service life is 10-20 times that of ordinary carbide reamers.
Moresuperhard's PCD reamers can not only meet customers' requirements for surface quality, processing efficiency, etc. but also extend the life of the tool to the greatest extent, providing a pair of solid wings for carbide mold processing. Under the leadership of PCD cutting tools, the processing of carbide molds has ushered in a new era, injecting stronger impetus into the development of the manufacturing industry.
---EDITOR: Erin Zhang/Cynthia Lee

---POST: Cynthia Lee


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