PCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter BorePCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter BorePCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter Bore
PCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter BorePCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter BorePCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter Bore

PCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Lifter Bore

Application industry: 3C, automotive, aerospace, etc.
Application materials: non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, silicon; fiber materials, insulating materials, plastics, composite materials, etc.


Advantages of PCD tools in drilling

PCD tools is widely acknowledged within the manufacturing industry that PCD tools deliver excellent results when reaming nonferrous metals and abrasive plastics. Reaming with a PCD tool allows the user to ream holes faster, to tighter tolerances and produce cleaner-edge holes than is possible with carbide or HSS tooling. 


For large-diameter holes,  a PCD reamer can still run effectively at speeds as low as 6,000 rpm. 
PCD reamers cannot work with ferrous materials. But they can ream aluminum, brass, copper, carbide, bronze, and abrasive materials, such as some of the advanced plastics used in aerospace and automobile manufacturing.
Aluminum engine blocks also require the truer holes that PCD reaming produce to achieve required performance levels. The same can be said of the increasing use of abrasive plastics in aerospace and automotive manufacturing. 
Products combining plastics and new, advanced workpiece materials are increasingly replacing metals. This group of extremely challenging-to-machine materials can limit a carbide reamer’s useful life to approximately 100 holes, while a PCD tool can ream more than 3,000 holes before needing replacement.
Cylinder head lifter hole machining
【Product Overview】
▶ Suitable for reaming products of aluminum and aluminum alloys, as well as other non-ferrous materials.
▶ PCD cutting edges ensure high efficiency, high stability and high precision in interrupted reaming.
▶ Machine through holes.
▶ High precision for reaming.
▶ PCD cutting edge, reasonable arrangement.
▶ Especially suitable for intermittent reaming requirements such as through holes.
▶ Various forms of edge treatment.
▶ Selected PCD material.
▶ Carbide body ensures tool strength.
【Product advantages】
▶ Reasonable guide arrangement, effective support in intermittent processing, so as to obtain stable and high precision processing.
▶ Different cooling methods for through holes, effective chip disposal.
▶ A variety of blade processing forms are available for different occasions.
▶ PCD cutting edge for efficient machining.
▶ Excellent wear resistance and long life.
▶ "Semi-custom" standard products with dimensional accuracy up to μ level.

*For single through hole and blind hole processing,

the reamer is standardized and highly efficient.

The blade is polished, which can bring higher surface roughness Ra0.2 and service life.

The cutting speed can reach 200-1000m/min, which can handle high speed, high feed and high precision machining with excellent performance.


*For deep hole processing,

the special water outlet structure design of the tool can effectively prevent the problem that aluminum chips are not easy to break and wrap around the tool body during aluminum profile processing.

Guiding design of the tool body

It can ensure that the tool has good dimensional accuracy and stability at high speed.



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