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01 August 2022
Single stroke honing reamer
The single-stroke honing reamer uses electroplated and sintered diamond tools, and the honing machine goes back and forth in a single stroke to grind away the residual.
It belongs to micron precision processing and can process through holes, blind holes, keyway holes, step holes, and other holes.
It is the engine fuel injection pump, connecting rod, gear, fork, hydraulic valve body, valve sleeve, air bearing, precision gear, mold guide sleeve, refrigerator, and air conditioning compressor main and auxiliary bearings, piston, metering ring gauge, and other high-precision inner hole processing requirements of the product commonly used process.
Single Pass Diamond Honing Tools   Single Pass Diamond Honing Tools
Honing is a special form of grinding and a high-efficiency processing method. It can not only remove the reserved machining allowance but also is an effective machining method to improve the workpiece size, geometric shape accuracy, and surface accuracy. The biggest advantages of honing are high consistency of inner hole size, very good cylindricity, high processing efficiency, and good surface quality. Suitable for medium and small hole processing in large quantities.
Many factors affect the honing precision, including rotation speed of honing head, expansion pressure of honing reamer, and reciprocating speed of honing head.
Honing reamer  Honing reamer
Information to be confirmed before single-stroke diamond honing reamers are produced:
The name of the workpiece to be machined, the size of the hole to be machined, the depth of the hole, the material, the hardness, the honing allowance, and the roughness requirements
The information that needs to be confirmed to customize Honing rod:
1. Customers provide drawings, we produce according to the drawings. If there is none, we can give the customer drawings of approximate shape and size for reference, and let the customer confirm the specific information.
2. The link between the equipment and the honing reamer can be confirmed by sending pictures.

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