Case Study - Honing Tools for Horizontal Honing Grinders

20 September 2022
Case Study - Honing Tools for Horizontal Honing Grinders
Brand: XINCHAO Honing Machine, SUNNEN Honing Machine
Workpiece name: valve sleeve in steering gear, inner hole 22.3mm
Material: CK45 carbon steel.
Workpiece drawings are confidential and therefore not shown.
Honing tool honing head + honing stone is recommended. Since the workpiece is made of carbon steel, CBN honing stone is recommended
CBN Honing StoneSteering valve sleeve
The steering valve is the main function of the steering system of the automobile. The quality of the steering valve directly affects the operation of the steering system. In the manufacturing process of the steering valve, the processing of the valve sleeve is particularly important.
In the machining of the valve sleeve of the existing steering valve, the honing of the inner hole is usually carried out in the last step. The workpiece is floating and positioned during processing, and the position tolerance of the hole is not changed after processing, which can not only ensure the consistency of the inner hole size, but also improve the surface accuracy.
honing grinding machine used by the customer
The picture shows the honing grinding machine used by the customer
Diamond and CBN (cubic boron nitride) honing stones are widely used in modern production processes. Numerous factors determine the honing result. The ideal composition of honing stone and all other influencing factors to the honing process need to be coordinated in order to achieve optimal end results. High production quality, short cycle times, and longevity of the tools are achieved this way.
CBN Honing Stone
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