Customer case——Natural diamond cutting tool processing vision correction lenses

21 September 2022

Natural diamond cutting tool processing vision correction lenses


vision correction lenses

Product name: V-type machine clip cutting tool


Specification: R0.5


Processed workpiece: night contact vision correction lenses


Workpiece material: Orthokeratology lenses are made of breathable hard materials, which improve vision by changing the shape of the cornea. Wear it when you sleep at night and take it out when you wake up in the morning, so you can see clearly without glasses.

Mono Crystal Diamond Tools


Processing requirements: Processing this workpiece has extremely high requirements on the sharpness of the tool. The sharpness of artificial diamonds cannot reach. It can only be processed with natural diamonds.

Design drawings

Advantages Of Mono Crystal Diamond Tools

- Geometries and dimensions are maintained exactly.
- High homogeneity, no microstructure. 
- Allows the production of highly precise cutting edges for maximum surface accuracies. 
- Cutting edges are extremely sharp.
- Machining can be performed without restrictive contours.No special tools required.
- Constant process reliability and assured reproducibility.
- Surface qualities with Ra < 0.1 um are possible!
- Turning in polishing quality.
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Mono Crystal Diamond Tools


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