Case Study——Single Crystal Cutting Tool Machining Copper Ball Valve

22 September 2022

Case Study——Single Crystal Cutting Tool Machining Copper Ball Valve


Product name: Single crystal cutting tool

Model: R0.5*D8*D13*60L-SD10

Processing method: Turning

Workpiece: Ball valve

Workpiece material: Copper

Machine tool information: Taiwan Macod co.

Roughness requirement: 0.5μm

 Single crystal cutting tool drawings

There are many types of electric ball valves, which are generally divided into two categories according to different structural forms, namely O-shaped structure and V-shaped structure. The valve ball openings of the two are different, and the application is also different. O-type is generally suitable for shutdown use and occasional adjustment, while V-type is more suitable for adjustment

Single crystal tool machining copper ball valve

O-type ball valve structure:

Ball valve structure diagram

The O-shaped ball valve is equipped with a ball with a middle through hole inside the valve body.

A through hole with the same diameter as the pipe diameter is opened on the ball. When it is fully opened, it is a non-block valve with a large flow capacity and no directionality when fluid enters the valve.

The sphere can rotate in the sealing seat, and there is a ring-shaped elastic body on both sides of the pipeline direction to achieve sealing. By rotating the ball 90°, the direction of the through hole can be changed, thereby realizing the opening and closing of the ball valve. 


V-shaped ball valve structure:

The V-shaped ball valve core has a V-shaped structure. The valve core is a 1/4 spherical shell with a V-shaped gap.

With the rotation of the ball, the opening area changes, but the shape of the opening surface is always triangular, and the flow characteristics are similar. Percentage, the adjustable ratio is large. It has the characteristics of large flow capacity, large adjustable range, shearing force, and tight closing.

It is especially suitable for working conditions where fluid materials are fibrous. Generally, V-type ball valves are single-sealed ball valves. Not suitable for bidirectional use.



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Single Crystal Cutting Tool

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