How CBN Tools Improve Processing Efficiency?

02 June 2024
How CBN Tools Improve Processing Efficiency?
With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for high-quality automotive parts is increasing. Machinery manufacturers are challenged to ensure the high quality and performance of these parts and timely delivery. Consequently, advancements in processing technology and efficiency have become crucial.
The Brake Disc Processing Process
Brake discs, typically made from gray cast iron HT250 (equivalent to the US G3000 standard), undergo a meticulous processing procedure. The process generally involves seven key steps:
1. Rough Turning of the Outer Circle and End Face
2. Semi-Finishing Turning of the Outer Circle and End Face
3. Finishing Turning of the Outer Circle and End Face
4. Milling End Face Grooves
5. Drilling
6. Deburring
7. Inspection and Warehousing
Brake Disc
Application of CBN Tools in Brake Disc Manufacturing
Initially, brake disc manufacturers predominantly used carbide tools. However, as material technology advanced and the demand for processing efficiency increased, carbide tools became inadequate. Their limitations include low hardness, poor wear resistance, and low cutting speeds.
Today, many manufacturers have transitioned to using Valin CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) tools for several reasons:
- High Hardness and Wear Resistance: CBN tools are significantly harder and more wear-resistant than carbide tools, which allows for high-speed cutting and improved efficiency.
- Cost Reduction: The enhanced durability and performance of CBN tools lead to lower processing costs over time.
- Market Advantage: CBN tools hold a significant market position in brake disc manufacturing due to their superior properties.
- Replacement of Imported Tools: CBN tools can effectively replace imported tools, offering a cost-effective domestic alternative without compromising quality.
cbn tools
Case Study
Application of CBN Tools in Brake Disc Manufacturing
A notable example is a brake disc manufacturer that switched to using CBN blades. This change addressed several challenges in brake disc processing:
- Improved Efficiency: The use of CBN blades led to a noticeable increase in processing efficiency.
- Enhanced Consistency: Brake discs processed with CBN tools exhibited smaller size fluctuations.
- Extended Tool Life: The longevity of the CBN blades resulted in reduced tool replacement frequency, further lowering costs.
CBN tools significantly enhance processing efficiency and reduce production costs in brake disc manufacturing. Their superior hardness, wear resistance, and cutting speed make them an ideal choice for high-volume production, helping manufacturers meet market demands more effectively and economically
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