How to Properly Operate a PCD Reamer ?

01 April 2022


What is a PCD tools?

Polycrystalline diamond PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) is a synthetic diamond tool material, which is used for processing wood, plastic, and metal. 
This material is favored mainly due to its high hardness and good wear resistance.


Therefore, the characteristics of PCD tools are long service life, fast cutting speed, continuous and stable quality, etc.
PCD reamers for machining aluminum alloys
How to use a reamer?
A reamer is a rotary tool with one or more teeth to remove a thin layer of metal on the surface of a machined hole, and a rotary finishing tool with a straight or helical edge for reaming or repairing holes.
Problems and solutions when using reamer
1. Increased pore size
Appropriately reduce the outer diameter of the reamer according to the specific situation; reduce the cutting speed; appropriately adjust the feed rate or reduce the machining allowance; choose a cutting fluid with better cooling performance; check various equipment before machining to reduce the possible impact.
2. Aperture shrinkage
Replace the outer diameter of the reamer; properly increase the cutting speed; properly adjust the feed; select an oily cutting fluid with good lubricating performance; for experimental cutting, take an appropriate allowance and sharpen the reamer.
3. Low reamer service life
Select the reamer material according to the processing material, and PCD reamer can be used; strictly control the amount of sharpening and cutting; correctly select the cutting fluid according to the processing material; often remove the chips in the chip groove.
4. The position accuracy of the reamed hole is out of tolerance
Regularly replace the guide sleeve; lengthen the guide sleeve to improve the matching accuracy of the guide sleeve and the reamer clearance; timely repair the machine tool and adjust the spindle bearing clearance.
5. Reamer tooth chipping
Modify the pre-machined hole size; reduce the material hardness or use a negative rake angle reamer or a carbide reamer; control the swing within the acceptable range.
Deep hole machining with reamers
6. Reamer shank broken
Modify the pre-machined aperture size; modify the allowance distribution, and select the cutting amount reasonably; reduce the number of reamer teeth, increase the chip space or grind the tooth gap by one tooth.
7. After reaming, the centerline of the hole is not straight
Increase the reaming or boring process to correct the hole; adjust the appropriate reamer; replace the reamer with the guide part or the lengthened cutting part.
8. The inner surface of the hole has obvious facets
Reduce the reaming allowance; reduce the clearance angle of the cutting part; adjust the machine tool spindle.
9. High surface roughness value of inner hole
Reduce the cutting speed; select the cutting fluid according to the processing material; appropriately reduce the reaming allowance; reduce the number of reamer teeth according to the specific situation, increase the space of the chip groove or use a reamer with an inclination angle to make the chip removal smooth.
10. The inner hole is not round
Select a qualified reamer to control hole position tolerance in preprocessing process; use an unequal pitch reamer and use a longer and more precise guide sleeve. When using an equal pitch reamer to ream a more precise hole, the spindle clearance of the machine tool should be adjusted, and the matching clearance of the guide sleeve should be higher or an appropriate clamping method should be used to reduce the clamping force.
Deep hole machining with reamers
The above is an analysis of the problems that may be encountered in the use and use of PCD reamers.More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. provides you with excellent PCD reamers and grinding solutions tailored to you. Choose More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. , More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal cutting challenge you encounter!
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