MCD single crystal tool and its grinding process case sharing

29 March 2022

What is a MCD tool?

MCD is an artificial single crystal made by high-temperature and high-pressure methods. MCD diamond tool is a kind of natural diamond tool, which is generally used in the final finishing step in processing. It has high hardness, high wear resistance, and high thermal conductivity. Recommended for the finishing of non-ferrous and non-metallic materials that do not contain abrasive particles, inclusions, or silicon.

MCD Tools Cut Metal


What are the types and applications of MCD tools?

The MCD diamond tool is a natural diamond welded to the tool body by vacuum welding. Its specially designed geometric angle is manufactured by a special grinding process, and it has the characteristics of being able to be ground many times.

It has various classifications, including single crystal diamond arc cutter, single-crystal diamond milling cutter, single-crystal diamond special-shaped cutter, single-crystal diamond chamfering cutter.
Among them, single-crystal diamond arc cutter can be divided into single crystal diamond arc cutter, single-crystal diamond ball-end cutter, single-crystal diamond drum cutter.
MCD tools are generally used in the computer parts industry, mobile phone parts industry, watch parts industry, machinery industry, electronics industry, light industry jewelry industry, automobile industry, aerospace industry, etc.
MCD tool physical picture


How to grind MCD tools ?

Diamond has high hardness and brittleness. It is easier to ensure the surface roughness of the tool during grinding, but the blade is prone to chipping, and the degree of serration of the blade is not easy to reduce. Therefore, when grinding single crystal tools, it is necessary to consider the influence of grinding amount, grinding powder particle size, surface state of grinding disc, sharpening angle, deflection angle, etc. on grinding quality. 

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Here are two cases of grinding single crystal tools with grinding wheels:

Case 1

The first step is to use a W20 grit ceramic diamond grinding wheel. The Moao ceramic-based W20 grinding wheel is used, and the customer feedback that this is the best W20 grinding wheel he has ever used.

The second step is to use a W10 grit ceramic diamond grinding wheel. The chipping of Moao ceramic-based W10 grinding wheel can reach 0.01-0.013 (200 times), which can fully meet the requirements of semi-finishing, and the grinding force of the grinding wheel is also very good.

The third step is precision grinding. The grinding wheel with a particle size of 10000# is used. The customer wants the final chipping to be controlled at 0.002. (The metal base 300# and 5000# used by the customer at first, but the chipping of the cutting edge is more than 0.05 after magnifying 200 times, and the normal cutting edge of 5000# is controlled at about 5 microns. You can use 8000#)

As shown in the figure (the effect of ceramic base 10000# grinding, there is 0.005 chipping in some places)

MCD tool grinding inspection real shot    MCD tool grinding inspection real shot


Case 2

The first step uses a W40 grinding wheel, the second step uses a W10 grinding wheel, the third step uses a W5 grinding wheel, and the fourth step uses a 10000# grinding wheel.

In order to improve the roughing efficiency, the customer directly used the Moao ceramic-based W40 grinding wheel, which is a little more efficient. Moao ceramic base W10 grinding wheel semi-finishing and chipping 0.019mm, as shown in the figure:

MCD tool grinding inspection real shot

Then use the Moao ceramic base W5 grinding wheel, the reaction effect is not bad, the grinding amount is 0.02, and the time is 5 minutes. Compared with other brands of W5 grinding wheels, Moao grinding wheels have faster grinding efficiency. As shown:

MCD tool grinding inspection real shot


In case 1, the use of W40 grinding wheel is omitted, which will affect the efficiency a little, but the cutting edge is easy to guarantee. Using the W40 grinding wheel to open the rough chipping will be relatively large. If the W20 grinding wheel is used, the chipping situation can be alleviated while ensuring the efficiency.

The collapse of W10 grinding wheel is 0.019mm, which is related to the large collapse of the W40 grinding wheel after roughening. When fine grinding, it is necessary to grind off the chipped edge, and to ensure that the width of the cutting edge is 0.03mm, which requires many factors to be considered, including the feed accuracy of the machine tool, technology, software, and grinding wheel.


In case 2, according to customer feedback, our suggestion is: add one step to use W20 grinding wheel in the middle of the steps of using W40 grinding wheel and W10 grinding wheel.


The grinding wheels used in the above case sharing are Moao's vitrified bonded diamond grinding wheels. In order to help customers to make a further decrease in the production cost, Project PCD Grinding from MORESUPERHARD supply provide regrinding/resharpening service for tools.(Click it


The above is a brief introduction to the single crystal tool and the case sharing of its grinding process. Moao provides you with excellent single crystal diamond tools and grinding solutions tailored to you. Choose Moao , Moao will always be by your side to help you meet and overcome any metal cutting challenge you encounter!

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