Superhard tool solutions based on the development trend of the automotive industry

25 March 2022
Recently, the rising oil prices in the international market have made consumers pay more attention to the fuel efficiency of their cars when purchasing new cars. At the same time, consumers are increasingly opting for hybrid and electric vehicles. The technology to produce efficient, reliable, and affordable hybrid and electric vehicles is a common development path for automakers around the world. Moao has excellent tooling solutions to help automakers overcome the challenges they may face: reducing the cost of cylinder head machining applications, increasing the productivity of brake caliper parts, etc. Our advanced tooling solutions help drive success in the automotive industry. 
Auto parts machining
Turbochargers are used to generate more engine power, and their parts are complex and difficult to process. High precision reamers and dedicated carbide grades are required. Tight hole tolerance requirements and excellent surface finish are required.
Auto parts processing and assembly
Cylinder Head
Cylinder head design is the key to reducing fuel emissions and meeting strict government regulations. The requirements for machining quality are very high, and high-demand non-standard tools are required.
Auto parts processing and assembly
PCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Spark Plug Bore FinishingPCD Reamer for Cylinder Head Pipe Hole Bottom Finishing
Although the number of electric vehicles (especially hybrid vehicles) is increasing day by day, in the future, all types of vehicles will be equipped with gearboxes. The difference is that they will be more ingenious in terms of design and production planning, manufacturing and performance.
PCD Reamer for Gearbox Bearing Mounting Surface FinishingPCD Reamer for Gearbox Supported Hole Finishing
Made of aluminum alloy with high silicon content, it has strong wear resistance and needs to be machined with high wear resistance tools such as PCD tools.
CBN Grooving Inserts, PCD Grooving Tools for Piston Ring
Cylinder block
The cylinder block contains various important parts of the engine and requires complex production processes and more precise tools.
Auto parts processing and assembly
Electric Vehicle Parts
The motor housing has high precision, a large diameter, and thin walls are easily deformed. There are many thin-walled parts of electric vehicles, which are easily deformed by force during processing. For these parts with many thin walls, cavities, and discontinuous surfaces, as well as castings with large changes in machining allowance, the solution is usually to develop special tools.
PCD milling for motor casingPCD milling cutter for motor casing axle hole
More SuperHard Products Co., Ltd. will provide you with the most suitable solution according to your different processing needs. As the automotive industry continues to innovate for more efficient and greener vehicle performance, Moao will always be by your side to help meet and overcome any metal cutting challenges you encounter.
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