How to choose the face milling cutter for the processing of automobile cylinder block and cylinder head

03 February 2023

In the processing of automobile engine cylinder block cylinder head parts, milling processing is mainly reflected in the  following aspects:
Time-consuming, great impact on the production line;

The consumption ratio of the blade is large;

Surface can be used as the positioning benchmark between processes, which has a great impact on the quality of the final product;

The surface is also the assembly standard, and its surface quality directly affects the assembly accuracy and performance of the engine.


MORESUPERHARD recommends you to use PCD milling cutters when machining automobile cylinder heads.
PCD milling tools has the following advantages:
(1) The service life of the tool is super long, which is 20-100 times that of the ordinary alloy tool, which saves the time occupied by frequent tool changing and tool sets;
(2) Suitable for high-efficiency machining, suitable for high-speed (8000-40000 rpm), dry machining, is the first choice for modern high-efficiency machining, and does not require cutting fluid, environmentally friendly and reliable;
(3) The parts are dimensionally stable after machining and have high surface roughness.
Due to the super wear resistance of PCD materials, the tool can ensure that the dimensions of the parts remain unchanged during the process of machining the parts, and the size and shape tolerances of the processed workpieces are guaranteed.
The roughness of products processed with PCD milling cutters can reach Ra0.8-Ra0.16, which can completely replace the traditional grinding process with milling, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing cost!

Aluminum alloy material processing

The PCD milling cutter can process non-ferrous metal materials and non-metal materials, such as non-ferrous metals: aluminum, aluminum alloy, aluminum cast alloy, copper, copper alloy, zinc, zinc alloy, and other materials;


The PCD blade is directly welded to the tool holder, and the axial runout of each tool tip can be accurately adjusted through the adjusting mechanism on the tool holder. The cutter holder adopts radial screw locking on the cutter head, which takes up little space, can realize the design of dense teeth and improve the processing efficiency. The blade mounting groove is designed as dovetail groove structure, and the blade will not fly out even if the locking screw is damaged under the condition of high speed machining, so as to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

 pcd and pcbn cutting tools

Processing case

Aluminum alloy cylinder head joint surface finishing milling cutter head: Φ220 mm (Z=22) inserts: PCD inserts  

processing parameters: VC = 2800 m/min; N= 4050 r/min; Fz/r = 0.08 mm; F=7130 mm/min

longevity: 12000-16000 PCS


Cast iron processing


Excellent results are obtained when machining gray cast iron brake discs with PCBN tools.

The graphite content of ductile iron affects its processing performance. Generally, ceramic tools can be used for rough machining and semi-finishing. Finishing with CBN tools.
For processing ordinary cast iron, most of them can choose ceramic tools and CBN tools.

Each tip can be precisely adjusted axial length to ensure good end tooth runout. The whole cutting edge of the trimming blade is designed into a very large circular arc, which can obtain good flatness and surface finish even under the condition of high feed of large diameter cutter head. The blade has cemented carbide and CBN two kinds of material, according to their own production program and cost requirements to choose their own blade.



pcd and pcbn cutting tools



Processing case 

Cast iron cylinder block joint surface finish milling cutter head: R220.30-8250-12CT Φ250 mm (Z=22)

Cutting insert: SEKN1203AFTN-M14, MK1500 (20 pieces)

Wiper insert: SEEX1203AFTN-MD14, MH1000 (2 pieces)

Cooling method: external cooling margin

Ap: 0.5mm

Processing parameters: Vc= 200 m/min; N=255 r/min; Fz= 0.15 mm/r; F= 765 mm/min

Result: surface roughness Ra0.45- 0.8  

longevity: 300 pcs


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