What materials CBN cutting tool can process?

03 February 2023

CBN (cubic boron nitride) is converted from hexagonal boron nitride (white stone ink) under high temperature and high pressure. It is a kind of super hard tool material developed after artificial diamond. CBN is a nonmetallic boride, its hardness is second only to diamond, far higher than high speed steel and hard alloy, so after making a tool, more suitable for processing hard alloy tool processing immovable material.

CBN cutting tool, a kind of super hard tool, which is made of CBN powder as raw material, under the action of a small amount of binder using ultra-high temperature and high pressure technology. Because the hardnes of CBN tool s is very high, it is very suitable for processing hardness greater than HRC50 and wear resistance of materials.

What materials CBN cutting tool can  process?

CBN tool can be used to cut hardened steel (bearing steel, die steel, etc.), cast iron (gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, high chromium cast iron, alloy wear resistant cast iron, etc.), high speed steel, hard alloy, high temperature alloy and other materials, especially has a great advantage inprocessing  ferrous metals.

If the processing material is soft group of metal or non-metal system, it is not suitable to use CBN tool to process. CBN tools are recommended only when material hardness reaches a certain level (HRC>50).

pcd and pcbn cutting tools  pcd and pcbn cutting tools


The performance and application of CBN inserts
The hardness of CBN inserts is much higher than that of ceramic inserts. Because of its high hardness, it is also called superhard material with diamond. 
It has excellent high-temperature hardness - up to 2000 ℃, although Brittle than carbide inserts, but significantly improved impact strength and crush resistance compared to ceramic inserts. 
In addition, some special CBN inserts can resist the chip load of large-gauge roughing and can withstand the impact of interrupted cutting and the wear of finishing and cutting heat.
These characteristics can meet the roughing of hard-to-machine materials such as hardened steel with CBN inserts.

What are the common CBN blade structure forms?

Generally speaking, CBN cutting tool commonly used in turning is mainly in the following structure: solid CBN insert, welded CBN insert, welded CBN insert also includes solid welded insert and composite welded insert.

What kind of materials are suitable for CBN processing?

1. High hardness cast iron (hardness HSD75 +)

Such as: high chromium cast iron, alloy cast iron, nickel hard cast iron, white cast iron are high hardness cast iron, typical parts have rolls, industrial pumps and so on.

2. High hardness steel parts (hardness HRC45-68)

Such as: high manganese steel, high speed steel, hardened steel, etc., typical parts include rolling mortar wall, high speed steel roll, hardened gear/gear shaft, bearings, ball screws, molds, etc.

3. ordinary grey cast iron (HT150/200/250/300)

Such as engine cylinder block/cylinder head, brake disc, brake drum, belt pulley, clutch disc and so on are gray cast iron material.

Using CBN tool can replace cemented carbide blade high speed cutting advantage, its cutting speed can be several times higher than cemented carbide tool, and on the basis of ensuring high surface quality, tool life is 10-20 times of cemented carbide blade.

4. Other difficult-to-process materials

Such as: F51 duplex stainless steel, iron base powder metallurgy, Inconel 718 superalloy materials, and nickel base, iron base, cobalt base and other high hardness surfacing/spray welding/laser cladding/thermal spraying material workpiece.

Due to the porous structure of POWDER metallurgy itself, the particle hardness of parts is as high as HRC60, and the cutting edge fatigue and micro-collapse are easy to be caused in the processing process. The CBN tool can effectively improve the production efficiency and ensure the tool life.

Moresuperhard can provide solid CBN ,standard CBN cutting tool , soldering CBN cutting tool and can customize cutting tool according to your requirement. We can provide complete cutting solution and high precision CBN inserts to save your time and cost. Our CBN inserts has the advantages of :

* High removal rates

* Improved finished

* Improved productivity

* Reduced tooling cost.

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