Laser-Cutting PCD Tools

03 February 2023

Principle of laser cutting PCD Cutting tools

Laser-cut PCD-tipped inserts can provide a smooth cutting edge for a mirror-like finish and longer insert life. It is a laser beam with very high density of energy star irradiates on the surface of polycrystalline diamond, and part of the light energy is absorbed by the surface and converted into heat energy. The temperature in the local area of the irradiated spot rises rapidly to tens of thousands of degrees, which makes the polycrystalline diamond material locally melt or even vaporize and form a pit.

By comparing the machining principles of WEDM, HSS grinding and laser cutting, the advantages of laser cutting are as follows:

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

1. Smooth surface finish

At present, when using WEDM or high speed steel disc processing pcd will cause diamond grains will crack, which will destroy the structure and affect the cutting performance of PCD material.

Laser cutting directly acts on the diamond grains and link materials for processing with process high purity and coarse particles character , it can obtain the cutting edge fillet radius<15um, perfect cutting effect without breaking edge.


pcd and pcbn cutting toolspcd and pcbn cutting toolspcd and pcbn cutting tools

2. Complicated forms and tight tolerances

The tool used in the rounded edge processing of the iPhone phone shell is the PCD forming tool.  It takes 30 minutes when using the ball milling cutter is used for the spindle processing,

After the forming PCD milling cutter is used for processing, every time It only takes 20 seconds. Greatly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

3. Smaller cutting radius edge

Laser cutting technology is a non-contact processing technology, cutting quality star is good, the minimum edge radius of the blunt circle can reach between 3-5um.

pcd and pcbn cutting tools

4. less influence on edge heat

The principle of laser cutting is to make the workpiece in its focus position by high power density of laser spot irradiation, the instantaneous high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees, the process of instantaneous gasification, the thermal impact of the cutting process is small.


Features of PCD cutting tools
▲The cutting edge adopts laser technology, the cutting edge is sharp, and the cutting is light and suitable for high-speed occasions.
▲ PCD of medium grain size has both abrasion resistance and chipping resistance, and excellent overall performance.
▲Diameters of the same specification, different cutting-edge lengths.
▲The cutting-edge over-center design can be used for axial feed milling similar to drilling.
▲Optimize the groove shape to achieve a higher dynamic balance level.
▲The small R angle and chamfering of the cutting edge effectively increase the durability of the tool.


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